Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 227: a solid investment

I own a timeshare property.
It’s a really lovely French country style home.
Tall cathedral ceilings.
Exposed beams.
Rich wooden floors that creak from hundreds and hundreds of happy footsteps.
Large rooms filled with antiques bought on my many trips abroad.
And a bright and massive kitchen to satisfy even a culinary wizard.
But my absolute favorite part of this exquisite property is the secret garden overrun with wildflowers, grapevines and peonies.
It’s magical!
I even had the greenhouse converted into a semi-outdoor library with first edition classics.
And right next to it, under the old ficus tree, is an oversized stone bench with pastel colored plush pillows.
The perfect spot for reading in the late afternoon when both the sun and your bones have become weary.
The location of this amazing property you ask?
Why, Dream Land, of course!
Yes, Dream Land.
I spend a lot of time there.
Who wouldn't want to?
Everything is as fantastic as you can imagine.
And the possibilities are limitless!
The weather, the place, the scenario, the company…
I bought a piece of it as quickly as I could, the minute I could.
Because dreams sell fast.
If you don’t grab the opportunity to buy one now, you might never find the chance to again.
And if you think you don’t have the means for your own right now, please feel free to visit mine tonight.
I built the extra guest room just this minute, and it's pretty damn fabulous!

1 comment:

  1. Just a heads up - I am moving into your dream land. I am not messy, and am available as a groundskeeper, dishwasher, cook, storyteller, and masseuse (throwing that one in selfishly).

    ha. :)

    I love your writing - that is no dream. SO good.