Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 224: in the movies

If life were like a romantic comedy, bikini shopping would be a fun and breezy 80’s montage (and not a really small change room with scary overhead neon lighting).

If life were like a romantic comedy, when my umbrella flipped in the rain and wind, I’d accidentally bump into the man of my dreams (instead of a metal garbage can).

If life were like a romantic comedy, when the cute guy showed up at the office today I would look fabulous and fresh (and not like a drowned cat with smeared make-up).

If life were like a romantic comedy, I would sit here and write a best-selling book about something spectacular (instead of a daily blog about nothing in particular).


  1. Awww, love this. And I admit I've daydreamed a few "If this were a romantic comedy..." moments myself. Perfectly said my friend.

    Although I have to add that I read your blog more these days than any best-selling book on my shelf. Really. :)

    p.s. (If this were a romantic comedy there would be an unexpected knock at your door just about now'd hesitate a minute, surprised, then run to answer only to find no one there. Luckily you hear the door shutting two floors down and you run back to your window and look outside...and there I go, walking away...but where to? The cafe down the street maybe? Flowers in hand, sad music playing. You run downstairs...and find a sweet old woman on a bench with your flowers and grab them from her (audience laughs) as you run after me. BUT WILL YOU GET THERE IN TIME??")

    haha. Okay, I know there's no real life situation where you'd be chasing after me instead of the other way around, but hey this is my movie! :)) xo

  2. hahahahaha grab them from an old lady, nice! :-)

  3. Ack! Don't remind me about swimsuit season!

    Greetings from Minneapolis!


  4. Thanks for the titter via twitter. I can hear the garbage can ringing now, echoing all the false hopes for men that women everywhere are canning.