Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 221: how I see it all depends on the angle.

What if it happened exactly the way we expected it to?
And by “it”, I mean life.
Both good words.
But now think of all the unexpected things that happen daily.
Scarier words perhaps, because they hinge on risk, delays and chance.
Underneath all my dreaming, I’ve never liked my life to fit neatly into a box.
I take pleasure in the extraordinary way the world opens up because something went off course.
Or because I took one job over another.
Or because I took a wrong turn while driving.
Or because I fell in love with a more complicated person to fall in love with.
They all led me to new places.
Figuratively, physically and emotionally.
I may not like how it feels when it’s happening, but hindsight tells a better version of the story.
So now I don’t cringe at change.
I don’t exhale in frustration at the orange cones ahead bringing me somewhere other than expected.
I don’t chastise myself for going with a feeling and letting my guard down.
It’s good.
In the end, it’s all good.


  1. We are the sum total of all our experiences, the good, the bad and even the downright awful - it all goes into the mix to mould us into who and what we are. Best we can hope for is to lead an "interesting" life..!

  2. as much as my life feels ordinary in terms of work, marriage, kids etc. The way I got there was so out of the ordinary and I have learned so much and i am still learning everyday. Having different experiences is what makes us all well.....different! Someone said life is not a destination it is a journey. I love That!

  3. I have had many changes in my life but for the first time I am trying to make some big changes happen. Going into the unknown can be a little scary, but I tell myself that I can do it, and give myself the life I want.

  4. I prefer to see the orange cones up ahead rather than be surprised by a videogame-like pothole causing me to go off course... not because I avoided it, but because I ate it and now my wheel has a notch carved out of it and the alignment is off.
    When I fall victim to my congenital GPSlessness, I go to my happy place by believing that something unexpectedly worse woulda happened on the "normal" route.

    - majoun