Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 218: Case of the missing light bulb.

I can't.
I can’t write anything.
I just saw my dictionary pack up a suitcase and slam the front door behind him.
He gave up on me.
And all without a Dear John letter.
(Guess he expects me to write that, too).
I have a feeling ol’ dictionary is shacking up with my thesaurus.
That’s where you go to get some action.
Such a hussy, that thesaurus!
She'll fool around with any word.
Who cares for synonyms, anyway?!
(I do. God, I have a freakish love for synonyms!)
Words have escaped me again tonight.
I’m pretty sure the English alphabet is planning a revolt against me.
While I’m sleeping, in the dead of night, I hear shuffling and whispers.
I haven’t been too kind to them lately, I don’t blame them.


  1. Awww.

    "Such a hussy, that thesaurus!
    She'll fool around with any word."

    You are so adorable. haha. I love that. What's another word for hussy? Thewhoreus! :)

    If I were a dictionary, I'd stay on your shelf. Just sayin'. :)

  2. girly! i just started writing a song based on the first line of a post you took down (but whose first line was still in my reader) that started: "it took the sun on my face to make me realize that i had been standing in the dark". gorgeous line! what came after that? our future #1 hit is counting on you to deliver!

  3. Ralph, you're so benevolent with your kind words, I feel I gotta start paying you for them or something!

    Nadyne, I took the post down because it was only one line and I second guessed myself. (Been doing that a lot lately). If you can turn it into a song, I'll sing doo-wop behind you!