Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 208: the trouble with channel surfing

The professional ballroom dancer girls on Dancing with the Stars are assholes.
Why must I always see them shimmy and sashay in barely-there dresses when I’m eating?
And why does their skin tone make me feel as though the saturation levels on the TV need to be adjusted?
Not that anyone cares that they’re all orange.
Not when they look and move like that.
All svelte and long limbed…
They can't be real.
Like unicorns.
Or femme-bots.
I thought I was safe from this show on a Saturday.


  1. wow ... bitter much ???

  2. No, not bitter...just not a tanned, long limbed svelte dancer. Or a unicorn. Or a femme-bot.:)

  3. I'd rather imagined you as a svelte, long limbed, orange tanned, vpl'd & lippy'd/ lippied? babe. Ah well - into every life a little rain must fall.