Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 204: Sing Like No One Is Listening?

My car has now become my singing spot of choice.
It means I can belt songs out in full voice.
And lately, I have been.
I’m a mezzo soprano who has always been comfortable in the lower register.
When I was younger, Bonnie Raitt and Patsy Cline were the singers I would gravitate to.
Anything soulful or bluesy I would eat up and sing out.
Yesterday, while driving home, I said what the hell.
Let’s see how out of practice I am.
I was listening to Adele’s “Right as Rain”.
It’s kind of my theme song right now.
I sang along.
So far so good.
Then that last section comes.
She’s wailing and me...I plain chicken out.
I went for the falsetto (and just stopped singing period).
Sheesh woman!
I’m so hard on myself.
Even when no one else is listening.
I pressed repeat a few times.
I warmed up my voice a few times.
And then...
I whipped my head back.
My face looking up to the heavens.
Forehead vein about to pop.
Eyes bugging out.
Stomach muscles contracting...
And...I got it!
I got the notes.
You should have seen me smiling.
It’s like I got my mojo back or something.
And it only took me 1,245 tries.
I forgot how lovely it is to work a good melody.
To hold in on your tongue.
To measure your breath.
I realize (with a good dose of frustration) that (obviously) I’m no Adele…
But singing along to her soulfulness is damn good for the soul.
I now have the itch to hang out with some musician friends I know.
I now have the itch to perform.