Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 197: same difference

I can’t ever go to Hallmark again.
My lord.
I went in there to buy a birthday card for my sister today.
I wandered around and then got to the
 "Sister Birthday" section.
I looked through some funny ones and then it happened.
I read the card with the flowers and photos of two girls in big hats.
I could barely get through two lines of text.
Uh oh.
Oh no…

Giant tears streaming from my eye sockets.
It was over.
There I was crying like a baby at Hallmark.
Thankfully nobody has noticed...
No wait! The clerk noticed.

Oh Jesus, she’s smiling and bringing me Kleenex.
This is bad.

I bought the card, needless to say.
And when I got to my office to write a personal message in it, I cried again.
My goodness, get a hold of yourself!!
Guess it’s not every day I tell someone I love them.
The thing is, my sister and I are polar opposites.
I’m a Leo.
She’s an Aries.
Two strong personalities.
And her and I disagree on almost everything… passionately.
Very different tastes.
Very different outlooks.
But I needed her lately, and even though I couldn't articulate what I was going through, she told me in her own way that she was there for me.
Made me feel like I wasn't lost all by myself.
That meant a lot.

Today her birthday celebrations got interrupted by life.
Her father-in-law had a mini stroke yesterday (he has brain cancer) and fell down the stairs landing him in the hospital.
Her husband spent all night there.

And she spent all of today there while her husband brought his mom to the cardiologist.
Such a sad mess.

I rushed to my parent's house after work to play with the kids so they wouldn't think something was up.
She got in late but I got to give her a hug and the card.
And she cried after reading it, too.

So, I realized, maybe we're not that different.
We love the same.

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