Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 203: Run, Lola...(for all things holy) RUN!

I’m sitting at my computer dripping with sweat.
But I wanted to write down the authentic feelings as they came, on this, my first run of the year.
I got out of my building and lightly jogged to the giant park that I live near.
I told myself: I'm still in shape, this is easy!
I ran around the entire perimeter the first go.
After that I became the scary, sweaty, blotchy girl of Jeanne-Mance Park.
Willing my muscles to move without my direction was harder than I remembered.
I couldn't figure out if my butt was thanking or cursing me because I could feel it.
And it hurt.
I did not get through the entire 30 minutes running.
I walked when I felt like I was going to topple over.
But, hey.
I did it.

A few things I realized: 
1. When 2/3’s of your body fat is found on your ass, you really shouldn’t wait until April 25th to run for the first time.
2. When you are scared to death of rodents (and an albino squirrel is running alongside you) you run a lot faster.
3.  I am now convinced that Lykke Li’s new album is great music for all things physical (just maybe don’t sing it out loud on small streets when you don’t realize people are sitting on their balcony).
4. First runs require lots of nose-blowing. Carry Kleenex.

5. That Rockaberry cheese cake from last night was a very bad idea. And the rice pudding. Very, very bad.

6. People really do look like their dogs.
7. Empty water bottles make great percussion instruments to play on the body while walking home.

8. I actually really, really like running (when I’m not dry heaving).

OK shower time.
And then maybe a bowl of air for dinner.

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