Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 207: A Royal Kerfuffle --c'mon, you know I had to write about it

Well, unless you were lodged under a tree bark in a rain forest somewhere, you probably saw footage or photographs of the Royal Wedding today. Prince William marries (commoner) Kate (oops, sorry now it's Catherine Elizabeth) Middleton. Sooo much press has been thrown at this thing it seems a bit absurd. But at the same time, it is a rather refreshing four hour breather from all the depressing news coverage of bombings or natural disasters. 

I just finished watching the highlights (that will probably repeat for the next two weeks continuously) and have concluded that Will & Kate actually seem to like eachother (dare I say love eachother?) . That would appear to be a first for Royal Family weddings. 

I remember (ugh, how old does that make me) watching Diana marry Prince Charles. (OK, fine, I was a little girl, watching it at our country home on an old black and white television). Diana seemed a lost girl completely overtaken by her puffy dress and stuffy new family. That wedding was so formal, and so rigid. But these two, today, I don’t know…I think there’s mutual respect there. Less hierarchy and more normal, perhaps? 

We have established (several posts ago) that I don’t have the bride gene, but I must say that until today there was only one wedding dress I absolutely loved: Grace Kelly’s. But Kate’s dress today was perfect. (Actually the two are very similar, so it would appear I have a wedding dress style preference...shhh, don't tell anyone).  Kate was everything a bride should be: a vision of understated grace, poise and elegance. A true woman in her element. So unlike the mother-in-law she’ll never meet. 

Ahhhh poor Diana. She was greatly missed today. Inexplicably (and like many of you, I’m certain) I had a strong affection towards her. She was given the fairy tale wedding and the loveless marriage. She fulfilled her duty quickly and gave birth to The Heir (William) who had her infectious, easy smile. A few years later she gave birth to The Spare (Harry) and he had the same mischievous glint in his eyes as she did. After that, it all went downhill for her...what a rough time she had with Charles and the Royals! Her sole plight became to infuse humanity and compassion into a monarchy so overrun by tradition, formality, and standoffishness.  She connected with the masses while they waved from a distance. I think that’s why I loved and rooted for her. Her marriage may have been a royal failure, but she gave a lot of herself and an abundance of love to many people, especially to her two sons.

Today, without the mother they loved, William and Harry were smiling men. Laughing and chatting happily at the foot of the alter waiting for the bride. They looked dapper and handsome (sadly The Spare had a lot more hair than The Heir on such a big day, poor thing). But, it seems to me, they have managed to come out of the rigid Royal Family with a real sense of warmth and closeness. Their mother gave them that. 

As for Will & Katie... I wish them the best.
Why not? 

A step taken in good faith...yadda yadda yadda.

(Bottom left hand corner...that kid will live in infamy). 


  1. Ah, their royal lovelinesses. God bless them and all who sail in them.... Couple of times I've met chuck - better known as HRH Charles, Prince of Wales he seemed quite jolly and un-stuffed but Hey ho.

  2. A couple of times? Do you play bridge every other Wednesday? Fancy Artsy Fartsy...

  3. Silly girl - Wednesday polo; Friday bridge.