Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 182: night light

You thought it was over.
But they stayed with you.
They held your face in their hands.
And caressed your head.
Their eyes lit like candles, flickering with hope.

You had forgotten how beautiful Hope looked when she smiled.
You heard a scream leave you.
But was it you?
Or the echo of another girl?
Everything was hazy.
Except for the light.
It was clearly flickering.
And you could feel them.
They took your arms and placed them above your head.
You felt the blood rush down to your shoulders.
And felt a tingle in your fingers from the pressure.
Your heart beat fast.
What a beautiful thing.
Your heart beating.
Your heart alive.
You took a deep breath because you could.
And realized that the dark didn’t win.

-for M, who is finding her light again.


  1. feel like i've read this at the right time. thank you.

  2. Thank you. It's perfect - in fact, can I write it down and keep it in my notebook?

    A xxx

  3. @ Lady A: Of course! Go ahead, it's yours. xo

    Lollita and lines n shades: thanks for the lovely words.