Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 206: My Million Dollar Question (that doesn't bring in millions)

I’m sure my friends are fed up of me saying:
I don’t know what the hell to write about today.
I say it to them all the time.
And I say it in my head several times a day.
Sometimes I flat out beg.
Give me something!  Anything! Pleeeeaaaasse!  I’m floundering.
They usually respond: Ummm…write about how my boss…(etcetera, etcetera).
When I ask my dad he responds: Write about your dad’s famous pasta sauce.
(As he passes me a plate of his famous spicy pasta, smiling).
And the thing is, I usually never take anyone’s idea.
But I just feel proactive asking.
It has to come from me.
Even if I’m writing a post loosely based on what happened to someone else and embellishing my own details, it has to be my idea.
Or else, I have a hard time writing it.
That workshop I took a few months back taught me one thing:
Be alert to what you’re alert to.
So I try to stay alert to all human interaction.
Then I find a way to write about it authentically.
And since personal narrative seems to be my writing route of choice, I must observe.
When people tell stories to me, I watch the way they tell it.
I listen to their word choices.
I pay attention to the obscure, funny things of everyday life.
I've realized almost everything is pretty damn hilarious in its own way.
And still the constant question: What the hell will I write about today?
Now… almost 209 posts in, I am little annoyed by it.
Who the heck wants to be lying in bed pondering subject topics for the next day?
I pray for divine inspiration so I can write quickly, post, and watch bad TV.
Just get it done!
And damn it, I will get it done!
I care about this damn blog marathon more than I let on.
And I care about the quality of content I put out every day.
(Even if that may not always appear to be the case).
You know why?
Because of all you amazing folks that actually tune in here and read.
I marvel at the fact that I surpassed 20,000 hits in 211 days.
(And I know it can’t all be my mom!)
YOU, on your special corner of the planet, care to read what I have to say.
That's bananas!!
I love you.
(Really. I love you. 
Let's go steady).
And now I feel an obligation to finish.
Because without readers, what’s the point of being a writer?
I hope tomorrow I can entertain you. 

Oh! And one last thing: What the hell should I write about?


  1. Steady? Really? I'm flattered, but I'm taken!

    You always entertain, no matter what!

    Massive love being sent your way <3

    A xxx

  2. Don't stare, it focuses the mind,
    let it creep in via the edges
    at the corners of the eye
    is where life is,
    microscopes are blind ,blinkered
    they stare straight ahead