Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 186: Hot Tub Time Machine--aka was I drunk when I wrote this?

Here I am.
In the mountains.
With a gorgeous view.
With my two favourite people.
And two favourite beers already in my belly.
The only natural discussion to have is:
(after seared tuna, cheese and sliced Italian sausage)
(Mom stop reading here. Dad, really?)
The thing is…
Girls talk about sex.
Did you think we didn’t?
We do.
A lot.
Most of the time.
We’re not prudes.
(This group isn't anyway).
We belch, too.
(Christina says she doesn't, but I don’t believe her).
We also uncap a beer with the corner of a counter-top, when necessary.
(Because we all forgot to bring a bottle opener).
The question was just asked: Is it too much to dip the sausage in the guacamole?
The answer: Not sure. It may be too much.
Existential crisis pursues.
We have to hit the outdoor hot tub to discuss.
Three drunk girls in the forest.
Talking about sex.
And guacamole.
And cheese sandwiches.
No DVD player (with 20 DVD’s brought for movie marathon. Oops).
Good night.
Question mark.

This popped up on my iTunes while I wrote this (no comment):


  1. I'd just like to say that I really don't belch. Ever. That's just gross....I hope we don't get a DIY.

  2. So you just balloon with air until you blow up?
    Nice bikini, btw.
    Did you just write DIY?
    Looks like we have no choice.

  3. Hey, belching and drunkeness is a sign of a good girlie get together!

    A xxx

  4. 'Dip the sausage in the guacamole'???
    Have a good weekend.