Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 202: Happy Feaster --aka roll me to bed, I'm done

OK that’s it.
If you knew the ridiculous amount of food I consumed today…
There were more food options than people sitting at the table.
And we were a good 25 people at my parent’s house.
Not to mention dessert (bakeries would be jealous of the spread!)
And wine.
And prosecco.
And grappa.
And then fruit.
Rinse and repeat.
We committed gluttony on a holy occasion.
Or did we use a holy occasion as an excuse to be gluttonous?
The irony.
I know it’s cliché to announce a diet after holiday gorging.
However, I simply cannot take my body looking and feeling so blah.
Tomorrow the running starts.
Rain, sleet, snow, or shine!
I’ll probably hurl after two blocks… that first jog after zero jogging is killer.
But it’s happening.
I took it a little too easy this winter.
Got a little too comfortable cozying up to this computer instead of exercising.
(That means ‘enough’ in Italian…Mmm basta rhymes with pasta…).
Pasta is the devil.
Ask Jesus.
(Now, where did I leave those Rolaids…)


  1. Time to rinse and repeat NEW activities now, huh?

  2. "(That means ‘enough’ in Italian…Mmm basta rhymes with pasta…).
    Pasta is the devil."

    hahaha. Oh Tanya. My dear, I do appreciate wanting to be as healthy as possible - and I'm with you, although I think you look amazing it really is all about how you feel. So go ahead and jog - but do NOT change your holiday eating one bit please! I love that about you, and your family, and mine. :)