Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 195: God put a smile upon your face.

I never take taxis.
I have a car.
So what are the chances that I would hail a cab and get the same driver I had on New Year’s Eve?
I remember this particular cabbie (a pleasant Haitian gentleman) because we talked about the events of 2010.
He told me he lost a brother in Haiti during the earthquake.
I got very teary eyed because his voice cracked when he told me.
He said that the rest of his family was safe in the mountains now.
And that he was lucky to live here.
What a sobering reminder of what I have to be grateful for.
We talked about his wife and children.
We talked about our New Year’s Eve celebrations.
We spoke of our cultures.
For two strangers, we shared a lot of stories and easy conversation in such a short ride.
He was a breath of fresh air.
I even told my friend about him when I arrived at her place.
So imagine my surprise when I got in the cab yesterday and saw him again.
I was happy to see the recognition in his eyes, too.
And that he actually remembered me telling him about another great cab driver I met in Italy.
(I’m really lucky with cab drivers, I gotta say).

Such a funny coincidence!
Especially since I was headed to the exact same destination as the last time he drove me.
And he doesn’t even work in my neighborhood usually.
He had just dropped someone off.
A whole four months later and he recollected details of my stories as I did of his.
This time, we discussed the newly elected president of Haiti.
He shook his head and raised his empty hands when I asked what he thought of him.
“I would have liked the lady to win,” he said. 

When the short drive was over and I was paying him he took my hand and said, “I pray to meet you again. I can tell you are a wonderful person. Good luck to you. God bless you.
Who says stuff like that?
And right when you need to hear it most?
What a sweet man.
High five, Synchronicity. 
Job well done.