Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 180: fickle freedom, you were always mine...

Today, friends, is a momentous day.
Today is the day I got the monkey off my back.
All on my own.
Today I let go of a reoccurring dream.
Because it turned out to be just that.
A dream.
And nothing more.
Dreams don’t make sense.
In the end.
Just a mish mash of word and emotion.
Played out of context.
I’m ready for things that are coherent.
And beautiful.
I’m ready to be free of it.
I'll say that again: free.
So I unleash it...
I hope it doesn’t haunt anyone else.
Goodbye, cloud.
Goodbye umbrella.
Im ready for sun so hot it burns in the shade.
I’m ready for some fun.
I’m ready to blush.
To smile.
To laugh out loud.
I’m ready to dance.


  1. Just caught up on the blog - sometimes you make me smile, and sometimes you make me cry. I love that.

    Sent you an email.

    A xxx