Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 185: Bolt

The internal kind.
Invisible walls we put up to protect ourselves.
A comfort zone.
A safety of thought.
No one can dictate what feels comfortable to you.
No one can decide what will hurt, upset or scare you.
You decide that for yourself.
So every one of us keeps this internal order of boundaries to structure our lives.
A personal set.
Yours may be very different from mine.
And access within those walls is earned.
Over time.
What happens when someone oversteps them?
Crosses the line, even slightly?
Presumes they are within the circle of trust without earning it?
It feels like an intrusion.
A silent alarm rings in your head.
There is a need to pull away.
Usually, justifiably so.
It’s very important to listen to your gut.

1 comment:

  1. I love Coldplay, you have great taste!

    Boundaries, hmmmn, yes. I guard mine well and take great exception when someone over-steps it. Maybe that's why I enjoy blog-land? It's so much less likely to have them intruded upon, isn't it?

    (Except for once, when I met up with someone in here who wasn't at all whom I'd believed she was. Actually, she wasn't even a she. It would make a great post - if only I had the chutspa to out him..!!)