Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 198: bargaining

Cheap, cheap, cheap!
Words are so cheap.
But they cost too much when I'm trying to write.
Today, it seems I can only afford a layaway plan.
A deposit.
Until I have enough ideas to buy the right ones.
So I will recycle the words previously purchased and worn.
And hope nobody comments on how faded they look. 


  1. " But they cost too much when I'm trying to write " .. there are times when we all relate to that.

  2. Is there a budgie in the house?

    Reminds me of Andre Previn and the late great Eric Morecambe:
    Andre: "You're playing all the wrong notes".
    Eric: "I'm playing all the right notes......But not necessarily in the right order".

  3. Pleasure - made me laugh too, I haven't seen it for ages. Have you seen it before; not sure how widely Morecambe & Wise travelled?

  4. I had never seen it before!! Hilarious!

  5. Ooo! And on a similar note (awfull pun sorry) another late great northern comic:

    And now I really must go out and start drinking!

  6. "the wife was sleeping like a log...she had her head in the fireplace." hahahahha! So great!