Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 151: a woman like her.

I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes reading the Wikipedia entry on Cleopatra. 
I’m awestruck by this woman.
I mean, I’ve always had an interest in her.
Her affairs with Caesar and Marc Antony, especially.
But it was something I read yesterday that turned this interest into full fledged intrigue.
In this article (the wonderful) Tom Ford stated the last book he read was Cleopatra: A Life Story by Stacy Schiff and said: “I found it fascinating. Cleopatra was not considered a great beauty, but she was captivating and intelligent, and that’s how she drew attention.”
That stayed with me.
I love that idea.
That a woman in those days could seduce and influence men, powerful men, with her mind.
And gain their respect and rank with her personality.
I think I want to go out and buy that book now.
And maybe even watch a movie adaptation on her life, too.
To immerse in the details a little bit.
To know more about her.
To understand the history attached to her.
A real groundbreaker.
A bona fide spitfire.
Hell, she even had my favourite haircut!
I’m inspired.

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