Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 157: Yo quiero bailar.

It’s amazing.
What music does.
It can really shake up your mood.
I have been listening to a lot of Lykke Li in the past 48 hours.
Her uptempo stuff.
Man, what a visceral reaction I’ve had to these songs.
Makes me want to find some trouble.
Get up to some mischief.
It’s kicking these winter blues and all this residual ghosts-of-autumn-past stuff.
It has also caused a lot of impromptu dancing around the apartment, not gonna lie.
A song has never had your head bopping and hips swaying until you full out dance around the apartment like a bad 80’s movie montage?
Oh, c’mon!
Dude, you’re missing out.
It’s fricken’ fun!
Liberating, even.
I dare you to listen to Ly Li's “Get Some” and NOT want to dance (or what not…wink, wink).
It’s hot diggity dog, that song!
But I digress...
You have no idea how many times I dance while house cleaning.
Almost always.
So what if my uptight neighbour sees me through her living room window with a confused expression on her face.
If my body likes the rhythm, and I feel it, I turn it up and let it move me.
I mean, sometimes you just gotta!

Photo by: Jonathan Clark

I used to get it out of my system on stage with the Cuban band I sang with.
I got to shimmy my hips to all that sultry percussion every Saturday.
It’s my Brazilian ancestry trying to catch up to me.
Or maybe I was a Cubana in my past life.
Either way, the point is: DANCE!!
Even if it’s just with the vacuum.


  1. Can I be your neighbor? :)

    Love your spirit, love this post. Will find the music - I don't know it. Thank you, keep dancing!:) xo

  2. So here's a thought - it must have occured to you a thousand times: why don't you put down the vacuum and pick up the mic? As I think you've said yourself, we only get one shot at this. Ars longa, vita brevis. x

  3. Yeah, that song has been in my head ever since you first posted it on fb earlier this week. Made me even youtube some of her interviews and other videos. I think I'm gonna crank it up during my Saturday morning chores.


  4. Yeah, David. I miss singing and I miss performing. Soon enough. The feeling had to come back to me organically... I needed to miss it. I'm hoping this writing everyday will lead me to lyrics, but that too--I'm not pushing. If it comes, it comes. I rocked out (aka singing my little heart out in my car) this morning to Nina Simone's version of House Of The Rising Sun...does that count?

    Lahmajoun, when you slow dance with your broom, I want photographic evidence!

  5. You are right about 'needing to miss', I took on another project over a year ago, stupidly thinking I could do both. It took me away from my studio and my gallery. It seemed like a waste of fourteen months but now I realise it has revitalised my desire to produce work and a forgotten excitement pervades my life once more. No, singing in the car doesn't count but I bet it lifts the spirit. x