Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 172: Place your bets: tractor vs. alarm clock

I was awoken at 6am this morning by the sound of the world coming to an end.  

This is not a sci-fi post; road construction has hit my neck of the woods. (I knew that monstrous tractor taking up 5 parking spots next to my building was going to somehow bite me in the ass). I checked my phone and realized how early it was for the world to be exploding. I groaned and threw a pillow over my head. There was no escaping it. It felt like they were in my apartment. In bed with me.  

Shit! So unfair! I still had a full hour to sleep before I would inevitably (and begrudgingly) make my way to the shower, undress and wait for the water to bring me to life. Nope. No extra hour for me today. This tractor had my number. I stayed in bed trying desperately to find an escape back to my dreamland… No such luck. Men shouting orders, street coming apart, apartment rumbling, me sobbing quietly (OK, not sobbing, but swearing in every language I could--eight to be precise).

I made a mental list of city officials to write letters to. Road blasting at 6am seemed a little extremist. Minutes ticked by and my frustration grew. Defeated, I told myself: just get out of bed and face the day already! But I can be pretty stubborn with myself. I may not be sleeping, but my body will stay horizontal for as long as it can! 

Then the horrid chimes from my alarm clock rang, signalling 7am had arrived. 

I threw the pillow off my head, frowning like a giant baby. No sooner had I stepped into my slippers and begun walking down the hallway towards the washroom when-- silence. Complete silence! The work had stopped. I stood there waiting for the rumbling to start again. Nada. I walked back to my bedroom window…the tractor was gone. 

You’ve got to be kidding me! 

Yep. Gone.
And they were still gone at 8am when I walked to my parked car.

Ahhhh, Murphy. You’re really a douchebag, you know that? 
You and your law, too.


  1. I went through something similar this week. In my case it was a noisy neighbor at 6am. I guess it's just one of those things...

    Great post!

  2. You can swear in 8 languages? Darn, I am SO jealous!