Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 167: left or right?

It’s exhausting to be truthful.
To be raw and open with another person.
Exhausting but necessary.
And yet I know so many people who don’t reach out.
Who internalize pain or anger or sadness or doubt.
And choose not to express it.
To anyone.
Let alone admit it to themselves.
Someone as forthright as me has a hard time understanding that.
How can that be easier?
To not speak out what you feel?
But I’ve grown to realize we all process life in whatever way feels natural to us.
At our own individual pace.
Personally, I need to be in the middle of it, live it and feel it… until I don’t anymore.
Until I figure out the source of it.
Until I talk it through.
Or (if you haven’t noticed) write it through.
And other people need to let it sit.
Let it swim around the corners of their brain and heart.
Or others avoid it all together.
Shut it out.
Not allow their thoughts to go there.
We each attempt in the way we know best.
I guess.
But what the hell do we know, really?
We wake up and try to be content with it all.
To be grateful for our life.
Even when the details don’t live up to our hopes and expectations.
We make due.
We make it fit.
We redesign.
We call it happiness.

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  1. Great work! I can relate, I'm a bottler, but it will blow someday, I'm sure.