Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 162: Insert 'MacBook Pro' Product Placement Here

Oh hellooooooo blank screen.
We meet again.
And we will for another 199 posts.
(Makes the sign of the cross).

So, how ironic is it that my keyboard is starting to burn my fingers?
Burn marks.
It gets so hot, it overheats.
(Stupid Dell).
Now, when I need it most, it is deserting me.
It has gone on strike: overworked and underpaid.

Maybe I understand something about that.
I spend a lot of time on this thing.
Too much time.
Twiddling words as I would my thumbs.
And what’s the payout?
Some type of creative center?
Yeah, I guess.

A part of my day that I carve out just to hang with my thoughts?
It’s definitely a release...

But do I really think this will lead to some type of writing venture?
A genius manuscript?
A hilarious and witty screenplay?
(Makes the sign of the cross again).
It’s time to buy a new laptop.
And maybe a rosary.


  1. If I were a MacBook Pro, I'd give myself to you. :) Hugs, and (makes sign of cross) hoping your Dell stays with you as long as you need. (insert smarty pants narDell comment here). :)

    And yes, you should write a book when you get your Mac.

  2. Awww NarDell. Clever. And sweet. Here's hoping everyone spreads this post and it gets to some benevolent angel at Mac. Book, you say? I think I just got palpitations. The scary kind. :)