Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 158: I carry a soldier’s thought in my heart for safekeeping.

My mind flashed to a Roman soldier on a chariot.
I saw the road ahead of him.
I felt the steadfast tug of his hands on the reins.
I heard his horses breathing heavy as their hooves kicked hot dust onto his bare arms.
I saw his Rome on either side of him.
In all its glory.
I felt the pride in his heart at the beauty of this land.
I felt it.
And in the midst of a careless smile his face flinched.
A crease formed at his brow.
A vision flickered in his mind.
People running for their lives.
The earth below them shaking.
Thoughts hit him like spears to the heart, one after another.
What if the gods took it back?
What if this world that he was just discovering and conquering should crumble to pieces?
Or be drowned under an angry, possessive sea?
What if his people would see the end of days?
What if all this fighting was for nothing?

And then I was back in my car.
Driving home.
Avoiding potholes.
Watching the rain hit my windshield.
Listening to the news say unimaginable things about my land.
My people.
How it is crumbling.
And so desperately fragile.

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  1. YOU tapped into something incredible with this one! Absolutely incredible.