Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 173: failed attempt

I've been writing and rewriting.
To no avail.
I can't think.
It doesn't help that the teenage couple at the table next to me are making out.
Like see-strands-of-saliva-when-they-pull-apart kind of making out.
Then they start talking like babies, laugh loudly and knock shit over.
Not cute.
It's too much.
Truth is, it's not them.
I just had some really shitty luck today.
And I'm not myself.
I'm tired.
Very tired.
And rather than babble on about it, feeling sorry for myself, I will ask for a night off.
I need it.
So I'm gonna cop out and make this my post.
Because I can't filter my thoughts properly to write about something else.
And anyway it is almost Earth Hour.
Shut off your lights.
And I'll try to shut off my thoughts.
Good night!

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