Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 159: The Decision.

She said that she would come back.
That she would come back for them.
They were little children.
They wanted their mother.
They wanted their mother to never fathom the choice.
Of going without them.
They screamed and cried and ran after the car.
Until they couldn’t see the car anymore.
Until they were brought back to the house.
Confused and defeated.
They were children.
They were only children.
She cried too.
As the car drove away.
She cried and cried.
Biting her shaking lip.
But she still left them behind.


  1. What a tragic image. Worse for me at the moment because I can see a family of three of our children at school whose mother is doing just that right now. The oldest boy, aged 10, who told me that it isn't just his father that his mother is having issues with - "you kids are just too much trouble". It's enough to crush the spirit.
    You got right into the heart with this one Tanya.

  2. Oh! On the positive side though I love the sounds of Dolce Pontes. I had never heard of her, just Googled her, listened to a couple of her songs - beautiful. Thank you for introducing her to me.