Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 169: Bring in the dog and put out the cat. Yakety Yak.

I’m trying to write in this café and there is doo-wop music blasting overhead.
Makes it very hard to write anything serious, not gonna lie.
I was going to attempt to write a movie scene.
Just for fun.
Just to try the formatting of it.
(Mostly because I watched the latest Woody Allen movie last night and loved the writing).
But now...even if I set the scene in a remote convent in Lourdes, it will inevitably turn into Grease 4.


INT. Remote convent- NIGHT

Mother Superior is walking down a dimly lit corridor for evening rounds. Her footsteps echo through the serene convent silence. She is clutching her rosary, reciting the prayers under her breath. As she passes the 7th door down the hall she is stopped by Sister Fatima.
Holy Mother, may I bend your ear about a troubling matter?
I have been having difficulty with my evening prayers. I’m
afraid I do not feel the Lord’s answer in my heart when I retire. I
wondered if you might have some sacred wisdom to share so I
may rest in peaceful slumber with our Lord’s blessing?

                    MOTHER SUPERIOR
                   (serious expression)

                        SISTER FATIMA
Thank you, Reverend Mother. God bless you!

You see?
I’m a product of my environment.
Like a fish in a bowl.
Hey, speaking of fish...can you answer something for me?
Why the hell do sushi restaurants almost always have aquariums?
I mean, I know the menu is not swimming around in there...
And I’m not gonna have goldfish maki or anything.
But I don’t get the logic behind it.
I’m eating their kinfolk.


  1. hahahahaha. Oh you are wonderful.
    Mother Superior: "Womp-bomp-a-loom-op-a-womp-bam-boom"

    :)) Still laughing. Love this, so so charming.

  2. i just found your blog and the least i can say is i so love to be here :)

    and yeah.. thak you for that lovely, lovely post.