Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 153: A clear head.

I woke up to a not-so-fun March morning sight.
Heavy snowfall.
I know, I know.
I’m Canadian, I should know better.
It can snow up until May.
But does it have to?
I had slept until noon.
I hate doing that-- I never do that.
But I have constant headaches lately and I’d rather sleep them off then pop more pills.
The last time I had this many migraines and dizzy spells I found out I had a small lesion on my brain.
A cavernous malformation.
It wasn’t life threatening or anything.
But it did cause some weird spasms and it did require possible surgery.
“It went away,” said the neurosurgeon after the 3rd MRI.
Really?! Just like that? Wow.
He smiled at me.
Apparently it bled out, and now all was normal.
I was relieved and grateful.
It was a scary episode of life.
Afraid to drive in case my arm would go numb again.
Afraid to sneeze in case something might burst.
Afraid of the fogginess.
Afraid of a seizure.
That was 5 years ago.
It feels like much longer.
After remembering all that I decided to put on my coat, hat, some pink lipstick (it’s the new red) and go for a walk.
To shake it off.
The air did me good.
The exercise helped.
A nice brisk walk in the snow.
I even stomped a few slush puddles with my new rain boots.
Because I could.
Because stomping in puddles makes me smile.
I found my way to the video store and rented a bunch of classics.
Guys and Dolls, Jezebel, and (of course) Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra.
I felt better.
I cleared my head.
Once I got home I cleaned a bit and looked for a pen to write something down.
As I was digging for one in drawer I found a my old MRI report and the DVD of the first scan.
I kid you not.
Complete coincidence?


  1. my mom and sis suffer from migraines - they always get more this time of year. it's something in the air ;) my sister's remedy: a tight headband, excedrin migraine, and LOADS of water. feel better!

  2. Poor you, this from someone who has never had a migraine [stinking headaches yes, but never diagnosed as migraine] Mum had then and I can still hear her sobbing moans; silence in a darkened room for as long as it took was the only thing that helped.

  3. First of all, wow. I am so glad I'm reading about that lesion in the very-past-tense. And I don't think it was a coincidence at all - it's the perfect little 'wink from the universe'...a little something to let you know you made the right choice. Walks, puddle jumping, snow and living these days.

    Much love, and hope you feel better. xo