Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 135: The Two Minute Free-Flow.

Trying an experiment of free flow writing.
Saying whatever comes to mind in two minutes.
My fingers are so cold I can barely type this.
Cold hands/warm heart?
Yeah, I guess.
Mostly bad circulation, though.
Speaking of circulation, why do I still get told that I should be online dating?
Sheesh! I don’t want to thank-you-very-much.
It’s dating schizophrenia in the real world, imagine online!
Way too easy for someone to pretend they are who they are not.
And ‘good on paper’ is not the same as being hit by a thunderbolt of physical and verbal chemistry in person.
I got the ‘thunderbolt’ thing from The Godfather.
You know, when Michael Corleone sees Appolonia for the first time.
And the two thugs he is with laugh and tell him, “HA! you got hit by the thunderbolt”.
Yeah, I like that.
I want that.
Dear Universe, more thunderbolts please.
I wish someone would start my car for me.
Some days the wishes are simple.
Other days they are grand.
I’m trying to stick to smaller wishes lately.
I still think big.
Don’t worry.
I am still imagining all the amazing things that will surely happen because I’m wishing for them so hard.
They will, right?
No. Don’t answer that.
I’m afraid you’ll be too logical.
And I’ve learned that the best things in life are not really logical.
They’re visceral.
Better to follow your gut, then your heart, then your head.
(Time’s almost up).
Wow, all this typing and my fingers still feel like heavy ice-blocks.
Hope you all have a nice evening.
And I hope your hands are warm and toasty.
Or better still, that you have someone to warm them for you.
Bonne nuit!

1 comment:

  1. :-)
    Nice exercise!
    i have tried it a couple of times, but i soon get bored out of it!

    by the way...
    hey, keep wishing, grand and small, because only "wishes" can be fulfilled!