Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 122: Oh well...

No time to write a proper thought down.
I'm still at work. 
Everytime I try to steal a few moments to write something (like now) I hear someone calling for me.
So today the attempt at being creative has been thwarted by life and it's many responsibilities. 
That happens sometimes.
I promise to not be a lame-o tomorrow. (Yeah, right).
Thanks for tuning in, I love you for it.


  1. Howdee Ma’am, Thanks for writin to ma boy Randy – last line’s real sweet bout lovin him an’all. But if I, as an old timer, maaght strike a note of discord: now I aint a preachin or a semonizin but you gonna hafta git yer sweet ass in gear when yer git down here ta Texas. Now you bin a jawin bout all the kids yer gonna have with ma boy, and I don’t mind telling yer we’s GOD FEARIN folks down here so cut the dirty talk. But looky here, you caint even take some time to write properly to the boy “No time to write a proper thought down” DAMN! Pardon me for the cussin ma’am. That’s no way to treat yer fiancéee, he’s a sensitive one, why, the boy’s outside practicin for yer weddin night with the cows right now. He needs a gal that can WORK, There’s me an ma twelve boys here so it aint no walk in the corrale! (by the way; could you pick up some o they BEEF FLAVORED TACOS on the way here – thems ma favourite) So, anywaysaroundit, just thawt ah’d pop the saddle on an see how it fits yer. Hey! ah gotta git to bayad - we's bin up all naght wrestlin doggies. Look forward to pickin yer up at the Greyhound and don’t pay me no mind. Oh! an wear sumpn purdy.

    Obediah D Cayotewrangler the third. Jnr.

    P.S. You’ll have to bunk down with me or one of the boys till the wedin day – wouldn’t be seemly you sharing with Randy – not in a GOD FEARIN house.

    P.P.S. You said to Randy: thanks for tunin in – you on the speakin wireless or sumpn?

  2. I totally get not having time to write due to life and responsibilities...anon's comment so cracked me you want to stay away from those cowboys after all.

  3. ha! Anonymous, I really wish you weren't anonymous, because I would absolutely love to hear more of what you have to say! you cracked me up! Although it did completely divert my attention from the actual post. anyway 365, I am surprised at how well this is kept up as is. I could never write every day. And I am a young, carefree, not-so-busy person.