Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 125: La dee dah.

Here we are.
Sunday night.
And I got nothin' to write about.
I just typed up a ridiculous paragraph on the joys of honey.
I deleted it.
But I really should tell you, this sliced banana/strawberry combo with honey is delish.
Am I the only one in North America who is not watching the Super Bowl?
I am pretty sure I am.
The only good thing about watching the Super Bowl is all the awesome snacks Super Bowl parties have.
I love snacks.
And I love my three plants.
It is SUCH an accomplishment that I have kept three plants alive for longer than 6 months.
I kill plants a lot.
Not on purpose, of course.
They just don’t seem to want to live with me.
Other things I have slaughtered accidentally: fishies.
I had some goldfish as a kid that I systematically overfed.
But, in my defense, it’s the only real interaction you have with them.
They come swimming up to say hello as soon as the food hits the water!
Oh God, Sex and the City is on the tube and Carrie is writing at her computer.
While I am attempting to write at my computer.
Ugh, I’m a clich√©!
Better end this post right away.
And hunt through the cupboard for more snacks.
‘Cause who the hell is crazy enough to cook dinner on a Sunday night?
Or write every day for that matter.


  1. I'm not in America, so I don't watch the Superbowl. I really don't get it - all the fuss I mean.

    You are not a cliche! You're like, my hero(ine?)!

    I feel the tragedy of plants, mine never last either - other than the aloe vera - but that's pretty much indestructible so it doesn't count.

  2. I am not watching the superbowl either :)

  3. I watched an interview with the guy who cut his arm off. Not the superbowl.

  4. Very confusing Tanya,
    This Super Bowl thing:
    do you get a Super Bowl with fries and THEN have the banana, strawberry, honey arrangement (and if so, What's in the S.B?), or did the Super Bowl contain the rather odd fruit concoction?

  5. Hey Dave. Is there sumpn wrong with you boy? Even a gal knows the NFL Super Bowl. Packers v Steelers. You aint one a them there goddam AESTHETES are ya boy?

  6. Hey cowboy, why don't you leave yer name, feller? You can't leave 5 comments and stay anonymous.

  7. Anonymous: I look forward to the process of evolution, whereby you learn the basics of communication. I'm sure when this occurs we will have a long and mutually stimulating discourse, but until that distant day - shut the fuck up. I say all this with the deepest affection of course.

  8. Now, now. Let's all just simmer down. This is all in good jest.

  9. Aw, come on T, let's have a cyber fight; it might brighten up everyone's day. Glorious day here by the way.