Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 147: "i'm a toy r us kid"

I wish I could be a kid again. Impulsive, fanciful, carefree...
Playing dress-up for hours.
Waiting impatiently for my mom to wrap tin foil around a wooden spoon, so that I could sing and dance to the 45's playing on my Raggedy Ann and Andy record player. 
Making TV commercials in front of the hallway mirror by reciting the back of the shampoo bottle with an animated voice and a huge smile.
Hiding in the old gardening well in the backyard that my dad turned sideways so my brother and I could pretend it was a horse drawn carriage.
Throwing a snowsuit on and heading outside in the snowstorm. To play.

Walking with my friends to the corner store to buy five dollars worth of one cent candy and watching the old lady with the long fingernails count them one by one.

Sitting on the hot sidewalk and blowing bubbles.
I’ll go soak in the tub now.
Blast some Billie Holiday.
And try to forget that I’m stuck being an adult who has to work tomorrow instead.


  1. And NOW as an adult, you know how good you had it then.... but THEN as a yute, you didn't... or did you?

  2. Although we cannot turn back the hands of time to our childhood days, we can still do stuff that makes us feel like a carefree kid. The other day, I jumped in the snow and made a snow angel and I didn't care what the neighbours thought. I had a good laugh and felt like a kid. When was the last time you made a snow angel? Hurry, you still have time before the snow melts.

    Susanne ♥♥