Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 130: Connie.

My friends call me Connie.
Connie Confrontational.
It's not uncommon that one of them will say to me, “I thought of you yesterday and wondered how Connie would have handled this person.”
I wasn't always known to be thick skinned.
I was a pushover, actually.
I didn’t know how to say, “Hey, that’s really uncool of you".
I was too soft.
Not anymore.
Maybe I grew up.
Maybe I got fed up of mopping up other people’s shittiness.
Maybe I’ve just seen too much brazen ignorance go unmentioned.
Whatever the reason, I now bite back.
I speak up.
My motto is: if you can dish it out, you have to take it.
I don’t look for confrontation, I’m just not afraid of it anymore.
What’s wrong with a debate if our ideas or values don’t match up?
As long as we discuss it logically and with tact, why not?
It's healthy.
If you disrespect me as a person, I will let you know.
If you jeopardize your friendship with me on a regular basis,
and have the nerve to plant yourself as the victim every single time,
rest assured I will call you out on it.
Why shouldn't I, if we are actually friends?
Cause and effect.
Otherwise, when is enough...enough?


  1. What I would give to have some of your guts! I need to learn some things from you. :)

  2. nice, keep it up.
    but, always be aware of your most valued people in your life.
    sometimes, flexibility is good.