Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 94: Right Brain vs. Left Brain? Or just Plain Dodo Brain?

Damn you, Rubik!
You and your crazy cube, too.
Why the hell did I ever start playing with this Rubik’s cube, anyway?
It was so pretty when it was fresh out of the box.
All the colors matching up the way they did.
I should have taken a fricken’ picture of it.
Then I could have pretended I had solved it.
(What? Some people might have believed me, you never know…)
I made three sliding moves from the original completed cube, and couldn’t bring it back.
Three moves.  And it was game over.
Yeah, inadequacy becomes a fun verb when you play with this thing.
This is worse than how I feel when I try Sudoku puzzles.
 I really suck at that too.
(And, for the record, I am very weary of anyone who is too good at Sudoku…it's not normal, OK?!)
Wow, I just Googled  “Rubik’s cube solution”.
It gives you a play by play on how to solve it.
And STILL I can’t cheat my way to genius.
This is bad.
Anyone need a chew toy for their Rottweiler?


  1. Been a demon of mine for a while now...

  2. HaHa. You're braver than me, I haven't even picked one up in years (never tried Sudoku either). :).

    Just tell yourself it's all too pretty and perfect when it's solved. You purposely don't solve it because you enjoy the mystery, the gorgeous mix of cubes and colors. Sure you could solve it, but life's not like that. So take that Mr. Rubik. Ha. :)

  3. Try the Rubik's Square. I just got one for Christmas and c'est pas pire. Oh yeah, and thanks for the early-morning laugh on your previous post. In my sheltered life, it's the first time I come across the expression "yawn-a-rama", but picturing the rolly-eyed yawn closing off with a completely uninterested sigh was enough to catapult a rarely publicized, out-loud laugh. Thanks and good morning right back atcha!

  4. No-thank-you-very-much, Anonymous.
    I don't think I'm patient enough for anything Rubik's.
    re: yawn-a-rama...not sure where that came from (I like to make up words and expressions. It's a fun hobby, much better than trying to match up colors). Happy it made you laugh!
    p.s. catapult. Good word. I'm gonna go make myself a coffee and try to say it three times fast.