Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 108: Pet Peeve: The Uber-Questioner

You have all come into contact with this individual at one point in your personal or (more often than not) professional life. The Uber-Questioner seeks approachable and knowledgeable people in charge to satisfy their need to talk with a rising pitch intonation at the end of most sentences. NB: They can often be mistaken for another popular pet peeve character: Needs-A-Pat-On-The-Back Person.

Uber-Questioner Profile:

  • Asks random unimportant questions at importune moments when the idea strikes them
  • Asks specific (still random) questions about things/events way in advance just to satisfy their own curiosity
  • Interrupts you answering their first question with a new question (and so on...)
  • Is generally unsatisfied with the answer and needs further (detailed) explanation

Dream/Fantasy way to deal with said pet peeve person:
The acquisition of a wooden bat in the shape of a question mark that you can beat them with.

Semi-Realistic way to deal with said pet peeve person:
The purchase of ear plugs or use of the ever traditional “no hablo Ingles.”

Realistic way to deal with said pet peeve person (unfortunately):
Actually answering ALL their questions.
Because you have to.
Because that’s what you’re paid to do.


  1. What about dismissing or answering with questions? Try these on for size:

    - Why is it important for you to know?
    - I could answer, but it wouldn't be useful information for you.
    - You don't really need to know that right now.

    Or better yet, make your answer long and boring and as equally painful as the question! It might be a fun game.

    - Lahmajoun

  2. well the semi-realistic solution works, until that questionable questioner, if you will, asks "¿De dónde eres?" (where are you from?)