Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 103: Love, have a seat.

I got a new loveseat today.
Isn’t that such a charming name for a piece of furniture?
It’s really handsome.
New, but antique...but new.
I was really heartbroken to see the old one brought down to the curb, though.
It was tattered, sure.
Needed reupholstering…
But my grandparents sat on it, once upon a time.
As well as many other people I love.
(Even John Lennon once, in a dream. Would you believe that?!).
Three hours later, when I realized it was snowing,
I went down to see if it was still on the sidewalk.
Someone took it home with them.
Or somewhere, else. Who knows.
I’m glad they did.
I sure hope they feel all the good energy.
Remember the old…welcome the new. Right?
And the new one really is handsome.
I am anxious to see who will sit on it.
This new loveseat.
Sounds promising, doesn’t it?
Yes, please.


  1. Oh it's lovely. I understand how you feel about letting the old one go - especially if it has seen a few generations of backsides. Hopefully someone in need has a comfy seat.. full of good vibes.

    Oh and I have to laugh because the word verification is rears.

  2. A few generations of backsides...haha. I like that, so true. It saw many a day!

  3. There's no sofa like an old sofa, and sofar that sofa is looking too spanking new, but really nice.

    Christen it soon.