Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 92: "I gotta have some of your attention."

Such a fascinating phenomenon.
Don’t you think?
Because you never really know what, in particular, will draw you to another person.
I don’t, anyway.
It’s different every time.
And if you grouped together every guy I have ever been attracted to in a police line-up, well… you’d be scratching your head trying to find the common thread.
I’m a bit all over the show, where attraction is concerned.
Is it physical appearance?
Is it the way their brain works?
The way they articulate their thoughts?
Is there an instant comfort level?
Easy laughter?
Is there incredible sex appeal?
Is it because they’re mysterious?
Or is it because they’re very open?
I guess, for me, the answer is that it’s all those things at different times.
Which has led to many hellos and goodbyes.
Because it's a crapshoot to seek out the triple threat: a mind/body/heart connection.
To find all that at once...
It's a friggen' crapshoot.

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