Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 117: I blame hair commercials.

I am at my mom’s house.
And snooping through her washroom (looking for face cream) I notice her hot rollers. 
Hmm...My hair is pretty long now. Wavy locks would be a fun change for dinner out tonight.
So even though I spent a good thirty minutes straightening my hair prior to coming here...
I decide to give them a whirl.
I plug them in, wait until they are scalding hot, and roll up my hair.

**Cut to an hour later.**

I am watching TV with my mom by the fireplace when she says,
“You better take those off; you’ve had them on a really long time.”

Shit! I completely forgot.
I jump off the couch and run back to the washroom and remove each curler, one by one.
Oh my goodness. 
There she is.
Little Bo Peep. 

This is not Jhirmack-bounce-back-beautiful hair!
This is tangled telephone wires!

Not glamorous, and definitely not sexy.
I hastily grab a fine tooth comb and begin to comb through each curl.
Within seconds I manage to transform Little Bo Peep into a very pale Diana Ross.
(With a bad case of winter static cling, at that).
Oh me.
Oh my.
Ponytail it is, then.


  1. ha. oh well. I always seem to experiment with my hair at the wrong times too. Usually way too soon before i really need to get somewhere.

  2. Where is the photo? I am desperate to see!!

  3. I should have taken one!! You'll just have to take my word for it... hehe