Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 91: Dear Universe...

I have this big, beautiful coffee table book all about Europe.
And I have been reading it before falling asleep.
(It’s one of the many half started books lying on every possible surface in my apartment).
What an amazing continent. I want to see it all.
I want to flip through haphazardly and transport myself to whatever page I land on.
And then stay for a good, long while.
I’ve seen so little of it, sadly.
Only parts of Portugal and parts of Italy.
The two countries that my parents are from.
And my family roots seem to call out to me more than ever before.
Because there are so many incredible places to see in this wide world, but most of the places I dream of visiting are in Europe.
I have this strong feeling (that seems to intensify the older I get) that I will one day live in some country there indefinitely.
It’s like I just know it will happen and that certain life events are slowly drawing me toward that destiny.
I like that idea.
I like to see that I wrote it here.
And I like to read it out loud to myself.
How wonderful that would be for a girl like me.
Someone who loves to people watch.
Who can easily strike up conversations with strangers.

Who likes  to learn about how they live.
And befriend them.
The feeling of being somewhere rich in history and culture feeds my spirit in unimaginable ways.
Rome taught me that. I didn't know it before.
I want to be immersed in stories that are thousands of years old by walking the streets of Europe.
I want folklore music.
I want ancient architecture.
I want to ride a bike through vineyards in Tuscany.
To read in a very lush and fragrant garden in Provence.
To visit very old cemeteries in Spain.
To chat with people in a cafe in Paris.
To touch the stone walls of castles in Scotland.
To hike to the Giant's Causeway on the Antrim Coast.
To sunbathe in Croatia.

To pic-nic in England's Lake District.
To eat fresh and well in Rome.

And this is just where I want to go today...there's so much more.
I want to slow down and feel life as it’s meant to be felt.
To take a really good look at it.
To be lucky enough to write about it.
Because I only get one lifetime.
So yeah...

Tall order Universe.
I sure hope you’re listening.

I'll think positively on my end, and dream big.
And I know you'll help me with the "how".



  1. Only someone capable of thinking up such a beautiful and thoughtful set of wishes deserves to have them.

    Hey Universe - I hope you're listening too! :)


  2. it will happen. if you keep wanting it. there's no doubt in my mind.

    continue to be as clear you can about what you want. be open. be pro-active. be patient. you'll be there before you know it.