Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 101: "...but you ain't no dancer."

To all you wishy washy seductors:
We’re tired.
We don’t want to play your chase and hide game anymore.
We’re fed up of collecting all your vague words,
and turning them into comprehensible, meaningful sentences.
We’re done pretending your lazy quasi-efforts are honorable intentions. 
We don’t want to date you for months and still not be sure if we’re your ‘girlfriend’.
What's that about?
Be a man.
Do the work.
Decide for Christ’s sake.
And then tell us with the actual words.
Or show us, with concrete action.
And until you seriously step up to the plate,
we will refuse to accept this dance.
How 'bout them apples?


  1. Amen girl, these types of men are such a waste of time, man up and commit there is nothing wrong with being monogamous, sex is sex, just work on making it great with the partner you have and then there is no need to find it else where.
    Don't waste people's time!

  2. Amen! I love often us women go through these dances because we don't realize were better than that...we try to make something out of mixed signals or something that isn't there...we shouldn't have to try so hard. Great post!