Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 97 (2nd post): bubble girl ...delete, delete, delete...

They met by accident.
He sent her a clever note.
And instantly, he was like a friend that she had always known.
But he was someone new,
with an oddly familiar mind.
He was a kind place to land,
when another had made her feel forgettable. 
His wit was sharp.
His charm was undeniable.
He had the knack of writing the words she wanted to read,
even before she had a chance to dream them or write them herself.
He lit a light,
and she felt that light burn brighter in his presence.
He made her feel desire.
He made her want to reach out and touch him
every single time she saw him.
He made her feel extraordinary.
She had never allowed herself to fully imagine
that someone like him could exist.
An answer to a question,
that gave birth to many more questions worth answering.

But then in one breath,
and one swift truth,
he burst the bubble.
And even as her hopes rained down upon her

she couldn’t allow herself to fully unimagine him.
She was still happy for the accident.


  1. One should always be happy to walk away from an accident :-)

  2. Easier to do when you're unscathed, I suppose.

  3. "she couldn’t allow herself to fully unimagine him". Quel compliment! Quelle puissance!!!

    - Anonymous II (no relation to Anonymous..... at least, I don't think!)