Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 118: The balance between choices.

Driving home tonight a sentence came to me.
Completely out of the blue, and as though someone whispered it into my ear.
Everything in life is a choice.

I’ve heard it many times before, but tonight I said it to myself.
I don’t know why I did, but it rang true.
Not just for me…
My friends, my family…
And so many others who have shared their stories with me.
If we are unhappy, that’s a choice.
If we stay, that’s a choice.
If we walk away, that’s a choice too.
There’s no one to blame.
There are only choices.
And our lives are built and shaped around every single choice we make.
From the day we first know how.
To now.
Nobody ever told us what to choose.
If they did, we chose to let them tell us.
Maybe it is time to own up to our choices.

Stop with the "woe is me" or "I can't catch a break".
You make your own breaks.
You construct your own happiness.



  1. Touche 365! I absolutely subscribe to this theory. Some days life does deal us some low blows but its what we choose to do with them that is the measure of the man...or in this case woman!

  2. I have work to do - loads of it.
    I should be out training for the next big ride on my bike - it is a nice day after all.
    Michael rings - come for lunch.
    Old Deanery.
    Mussels; or moules if you must!
    Breast of partridge.
    Bottle of sancerre.
    Bottle of bordeaux.
    Talk rubbish throughout.
    Wish I'd worked,
    Wish I'd cycled,
    Feel guilty?
    Nope. x

  3. We are a lotus in the middle of the ocean, we have no choice. Life is shit because it makes for a good story

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