Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 89: 2011--The Year of the Project.

Happy New Year.
Eleventh year of the millennium and the first year of a new decade.
New being the key/operative word here.
And eleven.
Because eleven, for me, is very special.
If you know me well enough, you know that I see 11’s everywhere.
If you dated me, you are now afflicted with the 11 sightings too. (Sorry).
I gave up trying to convince the many skeptics who say I look for them.
Think that if you will, but I promise you, the 11’s find me.
It has just always happened.
And being born on the 11th at 11:22 has nothing to do with it.
Over my lifetime the phenomenon has come and gone.
Meaning, I’ll spot 11’s everywhere for a while then it will stop. Full stop.
So now I have come to the conclusion that 11’s are a sort of ‘heads up’ for me.
Heads up ‘something-great-is-about-to-happen’.
Or heads up ‘brace-yourself-for-a-rough-ride’.
It sounds superstitious but it has proven completely accurate.

Case and point: On my first day in Rome I meandered down a random street and saw this sign on a wall. I felt it a good omen of my trip there. And I got goosebumps. If I didn't take the photo myself, I wouldn't believe it. Everything is Italian in Rome, why the hell would I see the only English sign on a random street? And why did it say, "I will never forget the Eleventh"? There was no explanation anywhere for it. So I made my own, that 2011 would be an unforgettable year.

So since
 I will be seeing the number 2011 everywhere (and since I am 33 years old now--a multiple of 11, and just because I think it would be good for me to do so) I am declaring this year: The Year of the Project.
Creative projects.
Lots of them.
This 365 day writing project being at the forefront, but... I want to attempt other mediums too.
I want to attempt a photography montage (of an idea I have at the back of my mind).
I want to attempt to record at least one musical collaboration.
And I want to attempt to write and create a short film with my friend sideproject. (I haven’t told her yet).

Normally I would hate writing this kind of thing down for fear that I don’t actually do it…
But this year, I am making non-action unacceptable.
What do you learn if you don’t at least give something a try? Right?
And I urge you all to take on the Year of the Project with me.
Even if the project is YOU.
Test yourself in some way.
And expect greatness in this New Year. Because, why not?


  1. Well thats a nice way for me to find out! When do we start. :)

  2. I'm with you on this one Tanya! I'm making ME my project :)

    Lady A x