Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 86: Waiting in line.

The sound of her boots clicking down the hall captures his attention.
She has an unmistakable walk. I know it’s her just by the sound of it.
She turns the corner, sees him and smiles. Without realizing he is grinning back like a school kid. Get yourself together, man. Don’t be so obvious.
“Hi there, handsome!” They exchange two cheek kisses.
“Hi. How are you?” he says, and laughs. Why am I so nervous?
“I’m good,” she says a little breathless, “had a hard time finding parking, but here I am!” Her eyes dart about the room. She loops her arm into his and leads him down the hall to the museum entrance where they take their place in the lineup that has formed.

“I have been so excited to see this exhibit. I’m such a nerd, huh?” she flashes him a smile.
“I think nerdism is underrated,” he says to her. Oh man, she smells good. Stop it. Stop it!
She giggles, “HA! I like that. Nerdism. Good word. I have been waiting and waiting. Mitch tells me, that as a girl, I am a little too into Vargas. He hates that I've plastered paintings of pin-ups all over the house,” she says reaching into her bag for a tissue. “I guess it is a little much, really. But I just love the way Vargas captured the woman. Real women, you know? With curves. Very sensual.”

“How is Mitch doing?” he half asks her. Please say things are falling apart.
“Mitch?” she replies smiling wider, “Oh, he is great. Awesome actually," she pauses slightly, “he is getting a job transfer to Barcelona."
“What?” he swallows hard. What the fuck?
"Oh God, it’s so amazing! I’m not really supposed to tell anyone. So shhh!! It hasn't been officially announced yet.”
“Barcelona?” He braces himself for what she will say next.  Oh no, oh no...
“Yes! Can you imagine? I have always wanted to go. Always. And now…”
“Wow. You're going too? This wow!” I can’t lose you again.
“Of course! Strange, I’ve always felt I was going to live in Paris, and instead it's Barcelona. Funny, huh?”
“Yeah,” he exhales, “but what about your job?”
“Well, I’ve decided to take an indefinite sabbatical. His company is setting us up with an apartment there, and Mitch wants me to take a break from work and just immerse in the culture, learn better Spanish and write...”

She looks at him. “Hey...are you OK?”
“Yeah. Yes, of course,” he replies trying his best to smile, “Just caught me by surprise, that’s all. This is wonderful news for you. For you both. I’m just gonna miss you.” Shit. Shit!
She smiles and puts her arm around him, “Yeah, but it won’t be for another few months, so you still have to put up with me a little while longer. And obviously you'll come visit!” She notices the doors opening to the exhibit, “Oh! They’re letting people in. I'm just gonna run to the ladies room. Be right back.”
She rushes off, glancing back at him.
“No problem. I’ll wait here.”
I’ll wait for you. Fool that I am. I'll wait.

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  1. I liked the "please say things are falling apart" moment ('cause it's so selfish but I don't care) and loved the "what the fuck" moment ('cause it's so bang on).