Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 68: "Then I saw his face, now I'm a believer..."

Oh, readers.

My friend and I were walking downtown after some Christmas shopping when she grabbed my arm and said, "Wow. Look at him. He is really hot." I look over and wow, indeed.

There. He. Was. A real specimen of a man. He was like a lumberjack Adonis. The kind of real manly man we don't see around this city very often (sorry to say). The kind of man you take real notice of (and find yourself writing a post about). Kind of like an Ed Burns meets Josh Hartnett with a little Ashton Kutcher thrown in for boyish charm. Yeah, he was not at all ugly. He had a nicely grown beard, he wore a tuque, a khaki jacket and navy dockers. He walked with his hands in his pant pockets (I love that) and I was completely transfixed by his amazingly thick thighs. (Sigh).  He wasn't beefy, he was athletic, developed and pick-you-up kind of strong. That's a beautiful thing.

We walked a few feet behind him, giggling and whispering to eachother, "Where is he going?!" What kind of place does a man like that have to go? Oh, please God don't bust our bubble and have us see him walking to meet a girlfriend." He stumbled into HMV and we followed him in there (trying to be nonchalant but grinning ear to ear). I needed to know what kind of music he liked...but he walked in and walked out the alternate exit and we lost him. "Oh well," we laughed.

Ahhhhh, he was something, kids.
Where does one find more of that?


  1. Craigslist: Missed Connections

  2. Hey Tanya, no time to read this post because I'm actually visiting your city and have a bunch of errands to do.

    Went to HMV today, but had to leave without buying anything. Had to get home quickly to finish wrapping gifts I'm bringing to an orphanage, then drop off my khaki jacket at the cleaners (got oil on it helping a lovely elderly woman fix a tire), then have to grab a new tuque (another casualty of the tire fixing).

    So anyway, just wanted to let you know I was visiting Canada (helping to prepare lumber for Habitat for Humanity).

    Hope to see you while I'm here - maybe between the Italian cooking class I'm teaching and my workout. ;)

    - ralph

  3. Hahahah!! I KNEW it!
    (Ahhh, I just laughed so hard, I lost volume in my voice).

  4. haha. Ok, ok - but I have to be honest. The lumber isn't for Habitat, it's for a new home for lost puppies I'm bulding. :))