Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 69: Sunday's on the phone to Monday.

Why do I have such a hard time writing on Sundays?
Every Sunday it's the same thing: I'm never satisfied with what I write.
You have no idea how many pages I have written and deleted in the last two hours!
It's stupid really.
But I guess the point is to get me writing.
And write, I did...just nothing worth posting.(This post is for explanatory purposes only).
I'm tired now.
I need to clean up my place, and get to sleep.
If I would have posted what I just deleted, you would know the reason why my guitar sits on the floor beside me (along with a bunch of crumpled papers and a Beatles book).
Big mistake.
I'm feeling very frustrated.
Tired, non-creative, pessimistic and frustrated.
That's this Sunday evening in a nutshell.
Sorry folks.
I'll try to turn on the clever switch tomorrow.
Bonne nuit.

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