Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 64: "Some snowstorm, eh?"

The word on everyone’s lips is: snow. There’s a whole lot of it in my city right now. Bucket loads sprinkled, sprayed and still barreling down on every single exterior surface, painting my world white. It’s been coming down steadily since yesterday afternoon. The highways got jammed up (as they always do) and the smaller streets were pretty treacherous (with not a single snow plough or salt truck in sight). But… something is different about this snowstorm. I feel like everyone is oddly jovial about it. I’m not quite sure…Maybe it’s because it’s the first snowstorm and it is right before the holidays. Or maybe it’s just because we’re Canadian and know winter. And we can have a good laugh when it decides to kick our ass.

While I was scraping the ice and snow off my car yesterday, a passing driver rolled down his window and said smiling, “Go back inside! Wait another hour! You won’t get anywhere now. Or make sure you got good music to listen to, the radio’s only playing Christmas stuff!” I laughed, nodded my thank you, and kept scraping. (That was nice, I thought). I realized, as I listened to the radio play 'Do they Know it’s Christmas' by Band Aid for the second time, that I was still smiling. We were all united in the misery of this snowstorm and realizing it was kind of funny. (Well, as long as you’re not freezing somewhere or having a car accident). My point is, laughing about it makes it so much easier to go through.

Still today, the unrelenting snow has become this catalyst for human interaction. All around me I see people acknowledging eachother and laughing. That doesn’t really happen in the summertime, ya know? Someone’s pushing another person’s car out of a compacted snow bank as they jokingly yell and curse at winter. Neighbours taking a break, leaning on their shovels, talking. Kids in snowsuits being dragged down the street in sleds. Passerby’s sharing sympathetic chuckles when I almost slip and fall in the middle of the street. I like it. I like what I see. I like this sense of community. I’m completely exhausted (and possibly having a flu relapse) but I gotta say it feels sincerely refreshing to share smiles and connect with so many strangers. So, thank you Mister Snowstorm. (Just a friendly hint though, as much as I love all this smiling...it's never polite to overstay your welcome. Ya hear?).

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