Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 76: No reason to Sunday Spiral.

Helloooooo Sunday.
Here we are again.
Proper lighting: check
Chamomile tea brewing: check
Computer whirring: check
Familiar "I don't want to go to work tomorrow" feeling: check
Cursor taunting me: not so much

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a new friend, thanks to this blog.
If I may say so, maybe even the younger sister I never had.
Almost like going back in time and having a conversation with myself ten years ago.
It was uncanny. The similarities.
The love of words and writing. (The reason we met in the first place).
The searching. The constant searching for signs.
The wanting more out of life.
The wanting to step out of that box.
The wanting to be the best possible versions of ourselves, for ourselves.
For not settling for what doesn't feel like enough, because we have dreams.
Big dreams.
It was eye opening for me to remember that girl I was.
To see how much I have grown, and to realize the searching is still there.
It's just different now.
I think that's the point. To search continually.
Time and time again, I meet people who are eerily similar.
Who are like soul sisters and soul brothers. Cut from the same cloth.
And we are not family, we are strangers, really.
But we cross paths and something important is shared.


  1. Oh, this is heartwarming for a lot of reasons Tanya. I'm happy to hear that you had such a lovely (and meaningful) meeting. I know this feeling too (meeting kindred spirits), and sometimes it really is what gets me through a tough day.

    It's good that the searching is still there...I think that's what drives us forward, like we're following a thread.


  2. Fedora hat. Gray coat. Two tickets. One popcorn. Several napkins. Zero awkward pauses. Too many commercials. Colin Firth. Shared chuckles. Possible tears. Slow exit. Decision to have dinner. Same exact order. Two heavy glasses of red wine. "To feel like we're in Italy", she recommends. We're somehow both exactly where we want to be. Ten years apart in a moment where time means little. Self-examination. Looking into a mirror image. A glimpse into my future, a nostalgia for her past. We've known each other for eons. A shared soul. Does that exist? We both keep asking questions and feel more confident of our answers. We grow. Like she wrote. A relief to have someone I can relate to sincerely like who I am. Mainly because I've been trying so hard to like who I am. "The questions get answered", she offers. I take it. Her soul speaks volumes. About the mirror of life and art. It just so happens that's the best thing I love about life.

    To our first encounter.