Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 73: My Own Silver Screen

I’ve been experiencing some striking cinematic moments lately. It used to happen to me sporadically every few months, but now it occurs on a daily basis. Moments where the everyday detail stands apart and amplifies itself into what feels like a quick minute of a charming short film. When I tune in, it’s like lucid dreaming; as though I’m a participant in a vivid dream sequence. But it’s real, and I’m in it.

Like when the angle is just right and I happen to catch a ray of light shining into my room, dust particles sparkling and gliding their way down to the ground in slow motion. Or the way rain, when you’re driving, can make everything slightly out of focus, transforming people and scenes into hazy shadows and paintings that move. How the crisp, crunchy steps of my boots in the snow echoes rhythmically into my ears like a brush on a snare drum.  Or the way snowflakes fall lush and large onto my cheeks and get trapped in my eyelashes when I throw my head back and look up. Or how I sometimes catch a large group of small birds taking flight at the exact same time; swooping in circles like synchronized swimmers, perfectly aligned, and perfectly in time. The domino effect of bubbles popping in the tub, one by one, until the water is clear.

All these things, for some reason or another, I am aware of now. I look for now.
Facets of beauty that I can feel and acknowledge wholeheartedly.
That I can attempt to put to words.
My own silver screen.

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  1. This is one of my favorites. It is why I keep reading. :)

    See you soon!