Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 81: Merry Wacky Christmas!

Christmas Eve.
We are big Christmas Eve celebrators. 
We let the celebrations run into the wee hours and spend most of Christmas Day nursing indigestion. 
But last year was a bust, not gonna lie.
Everyone was tired, cranky and kind of boring.
So this year, I rented a karaoke machine for the festivities!
My brother in law’s parents will be celebrating with us and they both (can you imagine) got bad cancer news this year.
He is an only child, and has been taking them to doctor appointments every other day.
He is so strong.
I want to try to make it as wacky a Christmas as possible.
For him.  And for them.
So that’s my Christmas gift to the family this year.
Everyone needs cheer.
Everyone needs to celebrate togetherness a little bit more than last year.
Everyone needs music and laughter.
And my niece and nephew will love it.
I had such awesome Christmases growing up.
Where all the grownups danced in the living room and played board games afterwards.
I want them to remember crazy, funny times too.
So don’t say it. Sing it.
Be happy.
Be merry.
Be thankful.
Pick a song and be a lil’ bit wacky.

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