Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 79: Just like ping pong.

The flip flopping in your stomach because that particular guy smiles at you after crossing the ever subtle line between nicety and attraction with a carefully crafted sentence.
The art of flirting, when it’s done right, is pretty spectacular.
The ping pong plays of ‘saying it without saying it’.
It’s all about clever innuendo and nuance for me.
I hate bad flirters. The ones who cut to the chase and just make it feel cheap.
That’s not boldness, that’s laziness! Put some effort into it man, I say.
Throw some wit into the flirt bait and I’m hooked.
Seriously hooked.  
Subliminally seduce me, basically.
Build up that tension, and throw me off course only to covertly reel me back in again. Don’t game play (let me know you’re interested) but keep me guessing a little.
I love when I read what you write or hear what you say and find myself smiling slyly.
Keep me on my toes.
And I promise to return the favour.  
Your serve.

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